Uganda – Christmas in July

I landed in Entebbe, Uganda last night at midnight. Waking up this morning feels like opening presents at Christmas, getting to see things for the first time. We have a lake view at 2 Friends Resort on Lake Victoria, the largest tropical lake in the world. We’ll go exploring, but will try not to have an itinerary. I’m looking forward to the sights…the sounds, tropical birds at dawn.

We left LA on Monday, the 14th, in the biggest plane I’ve personally ever been on, a 747-400. The 10 hour flight to Amsterdam seemed surprisingly short. KLM feeds you a full meal every 3 hours or so, and I slept most of the way. I did a little window shopping while waiting for the next flight and will pick up tulips on the way back. I also had a Diet Coke. Thank goodness Coke is ubiquitous. I don’t know what I would do without my diet coke.

It was another 8 hours to get to Nairobi, but again, it went fast. I’m a little amazed that just having food can alleviate so much boredom. I figured I’d have a book done by the time we landed in Uganda, but all I managed was a couple of pages, and a lot of sleep.

My travel mate, Bonnie, kept me entertained with stories of her travels as a veterinarian, speaker and teacher to Mongolia, China, Egypt and Africa. She helped me to mentally prepare me for embracing a new culture. I’m so grateful she invited me on this trip and will teach me about being adventurous and enjoying the moment.

It was a short 50 minute flight from Nairobi to Entebbe. We purchased visas, got our luggage, got to the hotel and went to bed, looking forward to morning, the view of the lake from our window and stepping out into a new world. Even though it took almost a day to get to Uganda, airplane travel doesn’t help you transition from one place to another, especially when you arrive at night and can’t see anything around you. After 24 hours and the time difference, I’m still not sure what day out is, but at least it’s starting to feel like my adventure has started.

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